24/7 Shoot Wrap

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Today we finished up a long and tiring week filming the ’24/7’ episode for 403 Forbidden. With the actors only being up in the North East for roughly 7 days, we had a tight schedule, with long days and late nights in order to get all of the footage we needed for the show. To say the least, it’s been tough and challenging, travelling to location, having all equipment prepared for a new days shoot, making sure all the clips are named correctly and nothing is missing.

The first shoot we did with Jake and Sally, our two lead roles within the episode, was actually the climatic scene which required emotional performances from both actors and us as a crew to capture the moment in a very remote caravan in the middle of Hartlepool. We shot 3 scenes in total on the first day making it a very productive day, however not without its challenges. 

One of the scenes was a montage part, in which Sally’s character drives Jake to this remote location. We had originally had two cars in order to get a varied range of shots, with our Director of Photography wanting to experiment with different shots. However, due to unforeseen circumstances we only had one car on the day, forcing us to think outside the box. Fortunately with some daring, risky positions hanging out of car windows and getting into tight spots in the car we managed to get some interesting shots for the montage sequence.

The next challenge came at dusk. With the final scene we were shooting required a change in light to show a passing of time, we had to start shooting at dusk and into the night. The problem with this was, well, that in the middle of a field in Hartlepool there aren’t many plug sockets around for powering lights. Luckily we had prepared for this and got 2 Lite LED Panels from Picture Canning, allowing us to light our scenes with two battery powered lights. Without these lights there wouldn’t have been anywhere near enough light for the shoot to go ahead and therefore were essential to the day going smoothly. Along with the LED lights we had a range of ambient light through candles and little pound land push-in lights!

Keep checking back for more updates on our shoots and extra stories about our time creating 403 Forbidden.

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